Retrieve details about a taxon, an anatomical structure, a gene, or a phenotypic quality.

taxon_info(term, verbose = FALSE)

anatomy_term_info(term, verbose = FALSE)

phenotypic_quality_term_info(term, verbose = FALSE)

gene_info(term, taxon = NA, verbose = FALSE)



character, the query term, either as name or IRI. Names are looked up against taxonomies, anatomy ontologies, and PATO for taxon_info, anatomy_term_info, and phenotypic_quality_term_info, respectively.

For taxon_info this can also be a list (or vector) of terms (taxa).


logical, whether informative messages should be printed. The default is FALSE.


character, the NCBI taxon name or corresponding NCBITaxon ontology IRI for which to match the gene name.


A data.frame, with at least columns "id" and "label".

For taxon_info, additional columns are "extinct" (logical), "", "rank.label", and where available "common_name". The rows corresponding to taxon names that failed to be resolved to IRIs will be NA.

For anatomy_term_info and phenotypic_quality_term_info, the additional column is "definition".

For gene_info, the additional columns are "" and "taxon.label" for the corresponding NCBI Taxonomy ID and name, and "matchType" ('exact' or 'partial').


#>                                           id         label extinct
#> 1 Coralliozetus   FALSE
#>                                 rank.label common_name
#> 1      genus        <NA>
anatomy_term_info("basihyal bone")
#>           label                               isDefinedBy
#> 1 basihyal bone
#>                                                                                 definition
#> 1 Replacement bone that is median and is the anterior-most bone of the ventral hyoid arch.
#>                                              id
#> 1
#>                                                     id  label matchType
#> 1  Socs5     exact
#> 2         socs5a   partial
#> 3          socs5b   partial
#>                                 taxon.label
#> 1 Mus musculus
#> 2  Danio rerio
#> 3  Danio rerio