Several Phenoscape KB API endpoints use a form-like parameter list for filtering (limiting), or, in the case of relationships, expanding, the query result. This function aids in preparing the query string for these endpoints. It is internal to the package.

pkb_args_to_query(..., includeRels = FALSE, verbose = FALSE)



any combination of zero or more parameters from entity, quality, taxon, and study. Any provided with value NA will be ignored. Entity, quality, and taxon will be resolved to IRI if not already provided as such.


character, in which case it is the relationship(s) for entities to be included ("part of", "historical homologous to", "serially homologous to"; unambiguous prefix strings are acceptable); or logical, in which case FALSE means no relationships, and TRUE means all available relationships. For legacy reasons, NA is treated synonymous with FALSE. The default is FALSE.


logical, whether to print messages when potentially time consuming operations are run.


A list of named query parameters suitatoble for several form-like query endpoints in the Phenoscape KB API.