Obtains and parses data from JSON, CSV, and NeXML-returning API endpoints, respectively.

get_json_data(url, query, verbose = FALSE, ensureNames = NULL,
  forceGET = FALSE)

get_csv_data(url, query, ..., verbose = FALSE, forceGET = FALSE)

get_nexml_data(url, query, verbose = FALSE, forceGET = FALSE)



character, the URL of the API endpoint to query


list, the query parameters and values in the form of a named list


logical, whether to print message when parsing results


character, which column or list names to ensure are included in the result to be returned. If result returned by the API endpoint does not include them, they will be added, with NA values.


logical, whether to force using the HTTP GET method for API access regardless of request length. The default is FALSE, meaning queries exceeding a certain size for transmission will automatically use HTTP POST for accessing the KB API.


for get_csv_data, additional parameters to be passed on to read.csv()


For get_json_data, a data frame or list, depending on the result of jsonlite::fromJSON().

For get_csv_data, a data frame.

For get_nexml_data, a nexml object.


These are package-internal functions.